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Out from the Mist

Representations of Mental Illness

Out from the Mist is a photography, short movie and music competition. The competition is about mental illness but is also about so much more. 

Mental illness encompasses a range of disorders, some transient, others chronic, and each is a personal story of a lived experience. Images, short films or music can be based on a wide range of emotions, reactions, responses, and representations, reflecting the diversity of people’s experience. Each story is personal and so is the journey.

Many people recover fully or partially from a mental health condition and go on to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Images, short movies or music celebrating recovery, wellness and contributing back into the community can provide hope for those still finding their way.


To capture the competitions breadth of diversity with a highlight video of the event as well as still imagery of the evening.

Branding Identity

The competition is open to photographers, audio producers and short film makers exploring your own, or someone close to you, experience of a mental illness. You don’t need to be a professional or hold any qualifications to enter, all stories are valid and welcome.


Slow Cooked Media produced the following highlight video of the event expressing the profound emotional impact of the artwork and artists.

In addition, Slow Cooked media provided all event photography of event for use in marketing future competitons.

Feedback from client – “We’ve all had a look at the video today and the comment was, this is the best one we’ve ever had!”

Event Highlight Video