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Foote's Dose Packs

Managing Life Your Way: Stress-Free Medication Management

Many people need to take a number of tablets and/or capsules every day, and sometimes, it can be difficult to keep track of all your medications and doses exactly as prescribed.

Foote’s Pharmacy Group recently built a custom made facility to develop dose administration aids for community patients which they call “Foote Dose Packs”

The facility houses a robot and employs 4 additional staff to manufacture these in a hub-spoke model for the individual stores. 


This has provided Foote’s Pharmacy the scope to expand, employ new staff, create space at store level and refocus store staff on customer needs and other programs. With the use of modern technology these packs are manufactured more accurately and more efficiently than they were at store level previously.

Foote’s Pharmacy were looking to utilise a series of short videos to target patients and doctors with the aim to grow this part of the business in the first quarter of 2024.

The videos would be distributed via their Facebook page, Webpage, and Loyalty Club.


“Foote Dose Packs” offer customers on multiple medications or whom have difficulty managing medications several advantages:-

  • right medication at the right time
  • improved compliance to improve health outcomes and reduce medication misadventure
  • managing prescription requests with doctor
  • convenience on monthly accounts for medications

Slow Cooked developed a long form video which follows the process from manufacture to patient interaction.  The video also highlights the state of the art facility and the human side of the patient interaction.

The long form video plays on on tv screens instore and is accessible via QR code on printed marketing media.

In addition to the long form content, two short form videos, formatted for mobile phone, were also produced to promote Foote Dose Packs across all social media channels.

Foote's Dose Packs - Long Form Video