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Life with Horses

Giving new purpose to retired racehorses.

Racehorses have exceptionally big hearts, both literally and metaphorically.

At Life With Horses their amazing animals are learning to adapt to an entirely different life away from the racetrack. As they make their way through unfamiliar territory, you can help make a difference by contributing to their rehabilitation.


Brand recognition opens doors to valuable partnership opportunities. When businesses and organizations are familiar with the charity and its mission, they are more likely to collaborate with Life with Horses on fundraising events and corporate sponsorships. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also expand Life with Horses reach and impact.

Branding Identity

Based in Mount Samson QLD, our rehabilitation programs not only help retired racehorses transition to a new life, but they also offer tremendous benefits for those who help heal these majestic animals.

By teaching these horses how to get back to their roots, you too can experience personal growth and empowerment. Our relationship-based horse experiences are designed to assist you in achieving your goals by reducing anxiety and depression, building social skills, and increasing self-esteem.


Life with Horses commitment to making a positive impact in the community and beyond is unwavering. However, sustaining this vital mission relies on the support of individuals and corporate sponsors. Brand awareness isn’t merely a luxury—it’s a lifeline.

Elevated brand recognition guarantees that the charity stays forefront in the minds of potential sponsors and donors.

Prospective sponsors and donors seek assurance that their contributions will be utilized efficiently and ethically which this video addresses.

Life with Horses