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Kome Cooking Rings

Designed to not only give you the best cooking experience possible but also unlock your creativity.

These multipurpose cooking rings have been designed to not only give you the best cooking experience possible but also unlock your creativity.

You can cook multiple eggs which fit your toast and buns perfectly. Create your own personalised Omelettes, Pancakes, Beef Patties, even personal desserts such as pies and strudels. The creative possibilities are endless.


Slow Cooked Media was asked by KOME to create a short TVC style marketing video to enhance your brand visibility and further strengthen  consumer relationship.


While a single video can generate buzz and be effective, especially if it goes viral, it is usually not enough to sustain long-term growth and brand awareness. A complete marketing campaign provides a holistic approach to marketing, covering all bases and ultimately, can lead to better results.

More video content increases the chance of a brand appearing in search results. Search engines value fresh content, and consistently adding new videos can improve a brand’s visibility online.​

It is well-documented that consumers need multiple touchpoints with a brand before they decide to make a purchase. A series of videos provides these multiple points of contact, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Capitalizing on the popularity of online cooking tutorials, we proposed creating a series of five cooking recipe videos showcasing the versatility and superior performance of KOME’s kitchenware.

Each video features a unique recipe that highlights the function and elegance of one or more KOME products.

These videos not only provide value in the form of easy-to-follow recipes but also act as powerful product showcases, subtly encouraging viewers to incorporate KOME’s products into their own kitchens.​

Kome Cooking Rings - Video 1 of 5 - Burger